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Lou Pearlman Disgraced Backstreet Boys & ‘NSYNC Svengali Dies at 62

Lou Pearlman, the disgraced impresario behind the Backstreet Boys and ‘NSYNC who was serving out a 25-year prison term after being convicted of running a half-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme in 2008, died Friday night, multiple sources confirmed He was 62.
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Nipplegate: Why Janet Jackson Deserves an Apology

As the old saying goes: Your life can change in a split second. And no one knows this better than Janet Jackson, who went from pop music royalty to scapegoat pariah in a matter of 9/16th of a second, the blink of time her breast was accidentally exposed to an estimated 140 million people during 2004’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.
What came after was a national overreaction that had very little to do with Janet and everything to do with America’s long history of sexism, racism and puritanism. Continue reading

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25 Things You Should Know About Fleur East

Fleur East is (in my opinion) one of the most underrated singers of the last few years.
Her rendition of Uptown Funk that she did on X Factor UK was so successful, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars had to release it two weeks earlier than scheduled, because her version was tearing up the charts faster than the original version.

Fleur sat down with Buzzfeed and answered the following questions:
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Hey, Justin. Get Over It!!

Ding dong! Ding dong! Gather the people, bring the children! The time has come to expose Justin Timberlake for the opportunist fuck boy that he really is! It’s time he stops using Britney Spears for press and keeps her name out of his mouth once and for all!
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Pop Culture Gay Teams Up With Instagram’s Official Instahunks

Anyone that is a regular visitor to Pop Culture Gay knows that we do a post called “Instahunks” – a post where we find hot guys of Instagram and share them with y’all.

Well, during the last few months, we were contacted by an Instagram account called Official Instahunks and we were asked to join forces with them. So, basically what I’m saying is check out our new Instagram feed at OfficialInstahunks