Justin Bieber “Allegedly” Snapchats His Penis [NSFW]

Here we go again!
The Canadian singer is caught, once again, in a new controversy and his private parts are center stage. After the infamous trip to Bora Bora where the paparazzis captured him naked outside the shack he was staying Justin Bieber went on TV and swore that he had learned a lesson. Guess old habits die hard?
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Justin Bieber And His [New] Photoshop Claims, Lawsuits, Album Cover Release and An Oddly Proud Dad

It’s been a weird week for poor Biebs.
Britney Spears fansite/pop culture blog, BreatheHeavy.com was sent photos of what is claimed to be the un-edited, raw versions of Justin Bieber’s naked photos that went viral on Wednesday.
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Bieber’s New Tat Ruins Banksy Image

Nice going, Asshole.
Justin bieber has got himself a new tattoo. The tat in question, is of the famous stencil by UK artists, Banksy, titled Balloon Girl.
The image has become synonymous with the famous artist – who commands millions of dollars for his gorilla artwork – since it first appeared on a Hoxton, East London wall in 2002.

And while the anonymous artist has a democratic approach to who sees and uses his work, it seems he is not a Belieber.

Just hours after Canadian tattooist Glen Hartless etched the work on Justin, a Facebook page proporting to be Banksy’s responded, posting a picture of the Baby singer and his new tattoo, tagging the pop star in and saying simply, ‘Controversial’.
While Banksy was a man of few words, his fans were not, with many jokingly calling for Justin’s arm to be cut off and sold and criticising the singer.

Fan Tara Anderson wrote: ‘The balloon is slowly floating away just like his musical career…’


While another, Christopher Dillon, called for the singer to face legal consequences: ‘The fall of Banksy has just begun. SUE HIM PLEASE!’

Of course, it seems Justin was oblivious to the controversy his new ink would cause.

With his left arm already full, the pop star gave the new tattoo pride of place on the outside of his forearm, and the 20-year-old proudly posted a picture of the completed work on this Shots page.The star explained the significance the ink has to him, captioning the image: ‘Don’t let you dreams float away.’

Tattooist Glen was also pretty happy with the completed work, posting on his Instagram saying: ‘Another late night working. Thanks for having me at your studio @justinbieber.’

The tattoo artist quickly realised his work was not winning fans everywhere and responded a few hours later saying the tattoo was slightly different – Really? No.

Everything this douche touches turns to shit. She’s the new Chris Brown and Kanye West in my opinion.
Justin’s use of the Banksy image comes just as the street artist has redesigned his little girl to be wearing a headscarf to symbolise a Syrian refugee.

The redesign is to mark the third anniversary of the start of the on-going Syrian civil war and is being projected in LED on buildings during 30 vigils held around the world by #withSyria to draw attention to what has been described as one of the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history.

 Besides Banksy other celebrities lending their star power to the campaign are Jonathan Rhys Meyers [pictured below] and Idris Elba, who have posted pictures on Instagram holding a heart balloon – the campaign’s symbol.

What are your thoughts on Bieber’s tat? Artistsic or pure wankery?