Behind The Scenes of Fox’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Thanks to shows like Smash & Galavant, TV Musicals are becoming more and more mainstream, and for the musical threatre geek in me, this is extremely exciting!
When Fox announced they were tackling Richard O’Brien’s cult hit, The Rocky Horror Picture Show last year as their next TV Musical, the news as met with polarising  opinions: Some were for it, other against it. The next big news to come from over at the Frankenstein Place was that Orange Is the New Black and transgender goddess, Laverne Cox was set to play the sex crazed, bisexual, transvestite alien, Dr. Frank N Furter.
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Gratuitous Stephen Perez Post

This is Stephen Perez.1Stephen is a 24 year old dancer and model from Sydney, Australia…And, he’s mighty god damn sexy Continue reading