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Who Was The Hottest Male Contestant on ANTM?

2015 saw the end of Tyra Banks’ baby America’s Next Top Model.
After 22 seasons, Tyra decided it was time to move on the other ventures, but before she did he crowned the first deaf model as the winner of ANTM. Nyle Di Marco was one of many male contestants that were introduced into the show from season 20, but only one of two male winners.

Some of the male contestants have gone on to great things, while others have disappeared into obscurity.
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Justin Bieber “Allegedly” Snapchats His Penis [NSFW]

Here we go again!
The Canadian singer is caught, once again, in a new controversy and his private parts are center stage. After the infamous trip to Bora Bora where the paparazzis captured him naked outside the shack he was staying Justin Bieber went on TV and swore that he had learned a lesson. Guess old habits die hard?
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